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Bird Control Services

The presence of pigeons is usually welcomed as they are indicative of a pleasant diverse environment. However, in both rural and urban environments when larger populations are present serious problems can arise.


The problems they cause include:

  • Feeding on or contamination of stored product commodities
  • Fouling of buildings causing corrosion
  • Fouling of foot paths causing safety issues
  • Noise pollution
  • Diseases spread through their droppings
  • Problems with urban pigeon population are always made worse by the habit of the general public feeding the birds.

Bird proofing can be carried out both indoors and outdoors using methods such as:

  • Netting Systems
  • Anti-perching systems
  • Spike systems
  • Gels

Before any of the above work is carried out, a free site survey would be carried out to ensure the most effective method is used.


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