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Hullternative is an independent family run company and we are not associated with any other Pest Control Companies of a similar name.


Hullternatives – 30th Anniversary – 1988-2018

When Andrew & Peter started out their Pest control business back in 1988 they had no idea what the future would hold and could only dream...

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The Wasp Life Cycle – When Do Wasps Die Off?

As temperatures begin to rise and we head towards the spring and summer months we will start to see an increase in the number of wasps...

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Your Rat Prevention Checklist

“Rats are more likely to move indoors and invade your property during winter” says the British Pest Control Association. As we start to see a drop in temperatures...

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Wasps Vs Bees: What is the Difference?

As the temperatures are getting warmer and the summer approaches, the wasp season begins to creep in. Depending on weather conditions, the wasp season can stretch...

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Pesticide Free BedBug Control

Have you been noticing the signs of beg bugs throughout your home or commercial property? Here at Hullternative, we know how incredibly annoying these insects can...

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Wasp Invasions in the UK – What You Need to Know

Imagine your home being invaded by wasps in their thousands – well, this is what happened to a family in the UK. According to John Birkett,...

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Free Pest Identification Service

Get in touch with us to arrange an appointment, and before any work is undertaken we will provide a free pest identification service with qualified technicians...

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New Website

Welcome to our new website. We have a wealth of useful information about our pest control services, and we’ll be making regular updates in the News...

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