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Rat Catcher in Birmingham & Sutton Coldfield

Rats and mice are after the same things we are – a warm place to live, and a ready supply of food to eat. It can be hard to keep them away, even if you do your best to keep food out of their reach, they can sometimes find a way. Mice in particular are very resourceful creatures, fitting through holes no wider than a pencil, and climbing up brick walls effortlessly. This is where your local mouse and rat catcher can help.

Do you have a mouse or rat problem?

Both rats and mice are vectors for disease and can spread germs. In a commercial environment, this can spell disaster if they aren’t kept in check. Luckily there’s plenty we can do to keep them under control, and we have a wealth of experience in offering a professional rat catcher service to customers across Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and the local area.

Signs you have a rodent problem

Some of the most common signs to look out for if you think you may have a problem with rodents are:

  • Sounds – scratching, gnawing and squeaking
  • Urine and faecal deposits
  • Damage to walls and skirting boards
  • Smears, black marks and tracks
  • Seeing a rat or mouse

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There are two species of squirrels; the smaller native Red Squirrel, and the larger Grey. Red Squirrels seldom achieve pest status, and are protected by law.

Grey Squirrels breed twice a year between December & February and May to June, with normally 2-6 young in each litter. Thriving on hardwood trees in parks and recreational areas and in suburban gardens, where its diet is often supplemented by food from bird tables. Grey Squirrels build a large untidy-looking nest or Drey in the tree tops, hollow tree trunks or lofts.


What to look out for

  • Damage to loft insulation and rafters
  • Droppings which vary in shape and size according to diet
  • Scurrying noises usually early evening and night time
  • Chewing through cables
  • Sightings of squirrels


Rabbits are small nocturnal herbivores who can cause severe damage to agricultural crops and gardens by their grazing. Additionally they will ringbark and kill young trees, and their burrowing causes erosion in parks and recreational areas.

Rabbits can carry diseases such as Myxomatosis which is caused by a poxvirus called the myxoma virus (MV). This can be spread by the rabbit flea and other blood sucking insects, notably mosquitos.

Our service technicians are fully trained to City & Guilds standards in the use of Aluminium Phosphides for the control of rabbits.


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