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Wasp Invasions in the UK – What You Need to Know

Imagine your home being invaded by wasps in their thousands – well, this is what happened to a family in the UK. According to John Birkett, a pest controller in the area, the colony of wasps looked like a scene from Hitchcock movie of the 1960s. The family made a call to the pest controller and informed him of their find. The bed in their spare bedroom had apparently become a breeding ground for wasps; a portion of the bedding had already been devoured.

It took the pest controller two hours of spraying and smacking to rid the room of the wasps. The wasps had taken over the room for almost three months. During this time, they are said to have chewed through 8 inches of the family’s mattress.

This is the kind of damage a wasp infestation can bring to your house and, while it’s an extreme case, it demonstrates how an issue can escalate. That family did not hear the accumulation of the wasp colony because wasps are hushed during the nesting, however are signs you can look out for in your property to avoid a similar occurrence.

Constant Movement of Wasps around Your Property

You might not see the nest, but if wasps are a constant sight around your home, it might be a sign they of an infestation somewhere in your property.

Wasps in Your Garden

If you consistently find wasps in the garden, it might be a sign that there are sweet food nearby. If you find the food source, you can trace the movement of the wasps from the food source to the nest.

Stripped Wood on Fences and Shed Walls

Wasps love dead wood as a raw material for their nesting. If the surrounding area has a significant stripping of wood from shed walls and fences, it might be an indicator wasps are nesting in your property nearby.

To conclusively deal with a wasp infestation, professional advice and help is extremely important. To avoid a situation similar to that UK family, it is recommended that you seek an expert’s help. Do this as soon as you suspect that there might be wasps in your property. A wasps’ expert will seek to salvage your property while ridding it of any trace of a wasp colony.

Here at Hullternative, we have been in the pest management business for over 25 years, and can evaluate your situation to advise you on how to prevent other infestations in the future. Remember, it is dangerous and ill-advised to try and remove wasp nests yourself! To safeguard yourself and your property, call our team at Hullternative and let our experts efficiently deal with the infestation.